about the company


Our company was founded by Annette Tomlinson in 2011 for the purpose of producing financially profitable motion pictures for theatrical release, home video, television, and the internet.  Our mission is to develop and market superb quality, high demand, low cost film, television and web projects.  Utilizing a flexible and creative production process working close to technical procedures of the project will enhance the audio and visual effects of the product.  Annette works solely as a producer and distributor for all partnerships formed in creating a project after screenplay has been selected. Working within a budget structured for each project allows the company to assemble actors, directors, editors and various production subcontractors, oversee the day to day filming and editing of the project, and identify and negotiate with potential distributors, or market the product directly to exhibitors.  The company's team of creative designers, writers, artists, audio engineers are supplemented by freelance industry professionals.  Marketing efforts are designed to broaden product distribution, and facilitate the sale of the rights to the film in domestic and international markets using various designed media outlets to promote recognition while maximizing the impact of advertising and trade shows sales.  Employment of part-time representatives are used to visit trade shows, film markets, and distributors in the process to facilitate the sale of the product.  Our company is geared towards continuing financial success for our investors. 



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