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TWO SIDES is a web series about Aliens running America.  First female President of the U.S. of America who's resolving

issues for America by stabilizing our communities. While her Secret Committee are corrupting society. 



President Bell Franklin was contacted by the aliens when she was 14 of age in an accident. Unknowingly she realized she had

some strange De Ja Vu"s.  She had knowledge of events before they happened and what she could do differently to change the

outcome.  At. 17yrs old she infected her crew (4 members - secret committee) they met at summer camp put on by highly

educated professors for students from around the world who were computer genius and developers.  This is the beginning of their

collaboration as the secret committee to become leaders of certain communities in particular areas.  After years of planning and

getting into position, the aliens decided to over the White House (America).   

Show opens up with Senator Bell Franklin is being appointed President.  Immediately we have press conference of what to

expect.  This is with her husband Marc Franklin by her side.  President and her secret committee make new laws while also

breaking them to get the trust of the people.  It tells the story of alien invasion of the people...how intelligent they have become.  A

twist happens when a detective (Arms) taste a weird bug (like potato bug) playing survival with her buddies.  The detective starts

to realize what's happening to the people of the world and is determined to uncover who's behind it.  President Franklin assures

the detective and the country if there is some kind of invasion, we will make proper precaution to secure the issues.  President

assured the people that there isn't any kind of threat.  Two Sides explores alien theory thru true and fictional beliefs.


Annette (Young) Tomlinson is from Shreveport, Louisiana and now reside in California.  Growing up in the south my parents taught me to work hard at what I believe in and remember to celebrate life daily. As a child I would spend hour practicing singing, dancing, acting, writing and drawing.  In high school I had a drawing place on the wall of liberty (an honor). Also became Drill team captain  and Company Caption in ROTC. Then as an adult I won Editor's Award for a poem I wrote called, "Thinkin". Over the past twenty-four year, I've appeared and performed in Television, Films, and in Stage shows.  In between my performances I managed to obtain degrees in Art, wrote a book about weight loss, "The Skinny on Skinny", and currently have a second book  on poetry being published.  Generally I tell people my nickname is Jackie (jack of all trade for entertainment industry)  I've worked with costume, set design, script, hair and make-up, locations, casting, contracts,storyboard,graphics, and catering.  While joggling the pleasure of being a wife and a mother. Along my journey in the Entertainment Industry I've had the pleasure to serve on the Aftra and Equity union committees. A few years ago I was one of the presenters and a judge for the American Scene Awards.   I decided to become a producer because of my love to perform. I love the energy from all of the work.  If you ask what kind of Producer I am...Diverse come to mind because of my love for cultural differences. Dancing, singing, acting, writing, drawing, photographer, sculpture, designing, and creating are all a part of who I am.
     As a Actress and Producer, I'm working towards achieving awards of note.  

Nick's passion for arts began at an early age regularly participating in talent shows usually involving singing, being active in student theater from primary school up to his time at Santa Clara University.  Where after several years as an acting major Nick turned his interest towards the field of Post-Production, a field which his mother worked in as a child, Nick graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Communications with an Emphasis in Video Production.  He used this degree to work in various fields of post-production and even graphic design before utilizing these skills to launch his career in marketing but Nick continually found himself wanting to get back to his first love of acting.  In the past years he has dedicated himself towards advancing his craft.  Performing whenever he could, auditioning and working as much as possible.  Nick currently attached to several ongoing projects in film and television.
    Nick is also extremely excited for his role as Marc Franklin in the upcoming Sci-Fi web series "Two Sides." Nick, a life long self proclaimed "nerd" and sci-fi lover, has been quoted as saying, "if I only did sci-fi for the rest of my career I would be happy."

Lili hails from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where she has enjoyed a successful career in both Film and Television.  In early 2013 she re-located to the US where she is enjoying her new surroundings, taking classes and meeting new people.  Lili has trained extensively with the Meisner technique and is also a strong improviser.  Constantly in training and working on developing unique skill sets, she has learned trapeze, police tactics for Film & TV, dirt biking, sky diving, and she is developing her karting and car racing skills.  As she puts it, the work of an actor is to constantly renew oneself, to continuously learn, an ultimately to surpass oneself.  Being first and foremost an actress and a communicator, her first concern while working is to deliver the message the way it was intended to be seen and heard: authentically and memorably.  She dedicates her extensive research, skills and time in developing character to reach that goal, so the she can be the best creative channel for the writer's/director's artistic expression


Michael is originally from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. USA
     He is German and Black Irish decent and is a relative of MGM film producer, William Goetz 1899-1969.
     He tends to play a variety of roles-comedy, drama, musical, European and American.  he has been described as a..."leading man, in the sense of older movie actors, blended with a character actor of today".  (David Allen-Filmthreat Magazine)
    On stage, television and film, he tends to play a variety of troubled characters.  In the Phillip Ridley play, "The Fastest Clock in the Universe", Michael played the role of Cougar Glass, a troubled and mischievous working class Brit in 1990's London.  Several times over the last 7 years, Michael has played the role of another troubled Englishman, Scrooge, in the classic 1970's era musical version of, "A Christmas Carol". Has also played the role of Stanley, in "A Streetcar Named Desire".  For two and a half years, Michael's voice was heard as the VO announcer for Re/Max Realty ads on national TV and radio.  Also sings in a jazz quartet in Los Angeles.  Played the Bass professionally-classical music and jazz.  Played in a number of pit orchestras for musical theatre productions.
    Michael is also a hobbyist automobile restorer and collector.   Does his own stunts and precision driving in film and commercials.  Has hosted several Web series giving technical advice on classic car restoration.
     Currently divides time living in both Los Angeles, CA and Detroit, MI.
www.imdb.com/name/nm0324528    www.backstage.com/jamesgoetz/
http://resumes.actorsaccess.com/michaelgoetz    www.seasonsbeverlyhills.net

Actress and television Host Lani Garcia hails from Detroit.  She spent most of her upbringing in Michigan and you guessed it...loves cars.  Having enrolled at the University of Michigan as a music major (she played saxophone for 11 years), Garcia quickly shifted her studies to film making and communications in the pursuit of acting.  She's best known for her role as Samantha in the Bollywood film Perception, The Letter, and most recently appeared as Sarah in the comedic web series Awkward Moments.  She has also won 9 cable television awards for her Hosting experience.  In her spare time she loves travel, fine food, and designing for her high end rock n roll jewelry line Royal Court Silver.                                                                                                                  

Ozy is the future of music and film.  Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina.  He left home after graduating high school to study film at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was in Atlanta that he blossomed as an artist.  Ozy was very well known as one of the stars of Clark Atlanta's Communications department and later as one of the premier artists in Atlanta's underground music scene.  Today Ozy Reigns is a rising star of the silver screen and music scene, with several TV/Film credits and multiple music projects.  His family instilled in him a work ethic that is matched by few.  Ozy can often be found promoting and performing on stage around West and East coast.  He has performed on the bill with old and new school artists such as EPMD and B.O.B.  Like his musical influences which include Andre 3000 and Nas, he continues to push the creative envelope.  Ozy holds actors such as Denzel Washington and Daniel Day Lewis in high esteem as they have achieved a level of longevity and risk taking ability that he'd love to reflect in his own career.
     www.OzyReigns.net     www.ozyreigns.bandcamp.com    www.facebook.com/TheOzyReigns
     www.reverbnation.com/ozyreigns   www.twitter.com/ozyreigns

   "Envy" (music video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knQasx_frj8
As the old saying goes...never judge a book by its cover.  At first glance, Amber appears to be an attractive and talented entertainer.  What is less known is that she's focused, organized, and intelligent and has a plan to create positive social change through Performing Arts and Entertainment.  Her candid and direct opinions are honest and refreshing and offer a unique prospective, inspiring creative expression.  Her bold attitude and distinctive style are demonstrated in her fashion and through her body art (more than forty-two tattoos) that describe many of her unique attributes.  She enjoys bowling, boxing, horseback riding, working out, and reading.  Giving back to the community and to those who are less fortunate is what she enjoys.  In her spare time, she volunteers with local non-profit organizations.  Her most recent charitable activity was a national runway fashion show for Ayuda Al Nino, where she appeared as a spokes model.  Furthermore, Amber believes in developing the whole person.  Reading is to the mind...what running is to the body.  amber is developing her mind through her pursuit of higher education at Los Angeles Valley College, where she hopes to attain her Associate Degree in Theatre Arts.  She develops her body and maintains her fitness through dance and entertainment (basketball playing diva in lingerie or the role of an evil queen called The Darkside of the Moon).
    Recently, this Gifted and Refreshing Artist was signed by renowned model and talent agent J.R. Dibb at Malaky International Entertainment Agency.  She has appeared on popular web-series "The Lurning Curve" as a college counselor and "Two Side" as the President's Assistant.  Also, she appeared on Spike Digital.

email:   valley87gurl.ag@gmail.com    website:   www.lacasting.com/ambergilbert
Agent J.R. Dibb (310)777-7750 or malayky.int@sbcglobal.net

Chanika is an actress who has traveled the world building upon here Theatrical training and experience.  Now making a name and career in LA. She has already started to work with some of the great American Teachers and Actors.  Keep an eye out for her recent Guest lead in the murder series, "Deadly Women" and her supporting role in Nell Nakkan's, 'Do I?', screening in LA later this month.  Chanika is excited to be apart of "Two Sides" and hope you enjoy the series.


          www.chanikadesilva.com          http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4874574/
         Agent John Epstein (818)843- 8041 or john.epstein@globaltalentagency.com

Lynnette, an original valley girl, began her career when she was a young girl.  Starting with plays, ballet, tap and ice skating in grade school, then moved on to poetry in Junior High. One of her poems was featured in the school newspaper.  In High School, she was on the drill team doing competitions, parades, and football games. Loving art as well, she won awards for her drawings. Pursuing her degree in the Arts, winning the Irene Ryan nomination from the John F. Kennedy College of the Performing Arts for "Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean". During that time she also pursued a career in modeling and won the Award for "Model of the Evening", for a pageant she was in.  Lynnette also loved the fashion industry and graduated at the top of her class with nomination from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise.  She owned top day spa and salon for 16 years, which was featured in Allure, Self and Glamour Magazines under Sensational Spas and Salons of Orange County, Ca.  Growing her business from the ground up, she learned the meaning of hard work and dedication.  Taking time off to nurture her business and raise a family, she decided to enter the Entertainment industry again.
She's acting, modeling and has found great success in voice overs and blogging as well.   Her blogs have won nominations and have been featured in Improvisation News.  Currently writes lyrics and sings lead vocals in a band. Lynnette loves everything about this industry making fast friends along the way.  Above all, she gives thanks to God for all of her successes.     

      www.lynnettedolan.com     http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3863970/           


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